Linea is a type 2 zero knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM). A zkEVM replicates the Ethereum environment as a rollup and allows developers to build on it as they would on Ethereum mainnet. Linea allows users to deploy any smart contract, use any tool, and develop as if they're building on Ethereum. For users, this enables the experience and security guarantees of Ethereum, but with lower transaction costs.

Linea is a ZK rollup powered by ConsenSys, which has raised an incredible $726M and has launched its mainnet to the public. They had already confirmed to reward early testnet participants, so it’s very likely that they would launch their own token in the future and do an airdrop to early testnet and mainnet participants. We highly recommend you to do transactions on a regular basis to increase your chances to become eligible, like every month or week for example.

Step-by-Step Guide:


  1. Visit, connect your ETH wallet and sign two messages (no gas fees). Linea recommends bridge on their website’s bridge list.
  2. Now bridge your ETH, USDT, or USDC from the Ethereum mainnet to the Linea mainnet.
  3. You can buy some ETH or other tokens on Binance. If you don’t have any crypto funds, you can also directly deposit fiat to Binance and purchase ETH.
  4. Now make trades on Dexes on Linea like SyncSwap and PancakeSwap. SyncSwap doesn’t have a token yet, so you could also be eligible for a retroactive airdrop.
  5. You can now use to bridge funds over from Linea Mainnet to Ethereum Mainnet, as it will count as another transaction, which will increase the chance of qualifying for a potential airdrop.
  6. Additionally, you can also bridge from Linea, to Base, ScrollzkSyncPolygon zkEVMManta or Optimism, which might make you eligible for other multiple potential drops.
  7. Also, interact with the other dApps built on Linea. You can see the complete list from here.
  8. Make sure to join their Linea Park campaign on Layer3 to earn LXPs. Users could also get an airdrop based on the LXPs they collect.
  9. Please note that there is no guarantee that they will do an airdrop and that they will launch their own token. It’s only speculation.


  1. Visit the Goerli Hop Exchange page.
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet.
  3. Get testnet ETH from here.
  4. Go to Metamask and change the network to Linea Goerli test network.
  5. Now us the Hop Exchange to send testnet ETH from Linea to Goerli.
  6. Use Metamask and transfer funds between accounts.
  7. Go to the Linea Uniswap page and make a swap and provide liquidity.
  8. Also try other dApps building on Linea.
  9. They had confirmed to reward early testnet participants so it’s very likely that they would launch an own token in the future and do an airdrop to early users.
  10. For more information regarding the testnet, see this page.
  11. You could also thereby become eligible for the Metamask speculative airdrop.
  12. Please note that there is no guarantee that they will do an airdrop to early users or will launch an own token. It’s only speculation.

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