Equation is a perpetuals DEX built on Arbitrum with 0 trading fees, up to 150x leverage and have launched a fairly launched EQU token. EQU can be earned through trading, providing liquidity and/or inviting friends via your customised referral link.

Equation’s EQU token is 100% fairly launched and rewarded entirely to their community. Users can earn EQU tokens through trading, providing liquidity or referring friends.

Of the daily EQU emissions, 40% are directed to traders (30% loss compensation and 10% for profit rate mining), 29% is allocated to liquidity providers, 20% is allocated to EQU/ETH liquidity providers and 11% is allocated to EFC member and connector NFT holders.

Profit rate mining rewards traders with open positions that are in a positive profit. There’s currently a weekly campaign where on top of EQU rewards, the top 10 traders and their referrers can earn USDT rewards.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Head to the Equation app and connect your wallet.
  2. Ensure you have at least 100 USDT on Arbitrum as collateral.
  3. Go to the referrals page and enter airdropsio as a code to start participating in profit rate mining.
  4. You’ll need to use at least 100 USDT (on Arbitrum) as margin to begin earning EQU through profit rate mining or loss compensation.
  5. Long or short the available markets to generate PnL.
  6. Head to the pools page to provide liquidity with USDT.
  7. Go to the Referrals page and set up your own customised code to invite friends.
  8. Purchase the Equation Founders Club NFT to earn more EQU from your referrals.

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