Kroma is a project focused on scaling the Ethereum network by offering a suite of solutions to enhance its performance and usability. It aims to provide a full spectrum of scaling options, including optimized staking and reward systems.

Spectrum is a staking service operating on Kroma, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2). Users can stake ETH, stETH, and eETH and earn spETH and Kroma Spectrum Points. KSP can be earned by engaging with spETH-integrated DeFi services and games on Kroma. KSP holders will be rewarded with a KRO airdrop.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Spectrum Kroma airdrop page.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. KSP can be earned by engaging with spETH-integrated DeFi services and games on Kroma.
  4. Additionally, users can earn EigenLayer points, WEMIX.e airdrop, loyalty points, KRO allocations (Kroma’s upcoming token), and Kroma Spectrum points.
  5. KSP will be awarded based on the user’s contributions to the Spectrum ecosystem.
  6. These points can be exchanged for KRO tokens.
  7. Also, invite your friends to earn more points.
  8. You can obtain a referral link by holding at least 0.001 ETH on Kroma, or holding Kroma Quest Master or Guardian House NFTs.

Other Kroma Interactions

Kroma is airdropping KRO tokens to eligible users who are active in their ecosystem and in the Superchain ecosystem. The Kroma Creative Universe campaign gives users a chance to earn a KRO allocation before the TGE. Craft Pro Gamers items with Ores earned from quests to mint and equip Kroman NFTs on July 18th.

  1. Visit the Kroma Creative Universe (KCU) page here.
  2. Connect your wallet and bridge ETH from mainnet to Kroma.
  3. Go to Oretopia to see the various campaigns and how to earn Ores.
  4. Participate in Kroma’s Pro Gamer’s Season 2 to earn Ores.
  5. Once Ores have been earned, go to the Factory, then Refinery and refine Ores into Mystic Alloys (with a success rate of 80%).
  6. Mystic Allows can then be fused into Mystic Boxes with a 60% success rate.
  7. Open Mystic Boxes to reveal Pro Gamer’s items.
  8. On July 18th, the Gate will be opened in the Kroma Creative Universe to summon Kroman PFPs.
  9. The Armory will also open on July 18th, allowing users to equip their Kromans with the Pro Gamer’s items that have been forged.
  10. For more details about the Kroma Creative Universe, check out the docs.
  11. Regularly transact on the Kroma network: Use the official bridge to send ETH to Kroma, buy and/or list NFTs on Hypermarket, and swap tokens or provide liquidity using Izumi Finance. A complete list of DApps on Kroma can be found here.
  12. Deploy your own ERC-20 token or smart contract on Kroma using Merkly or
  13. Users who are active within the Superchain community (Optimism, Base, etc.) will also be eligible.
  14. Holders of the Kroma Quest Master NFT, Kroma Guardian NFT or any of the Kroma OG NFTs also qualify.
  15. WEMIX community members who have earned WEMIX Community Points (WCP) will also qualify.
  16. The snapshot for KRO eligibility and allocations will be taken before the TGE and the exact timing will be disclosed at a later date.
  17. For more information about the upcoming KRO airdrop, check out this official announcement and follow Kroma on X.
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