Fantasy Top

Fantasy Top is a SocialFi trading card game built on Blast's layer 2, gamifying the activities of Crypto Twitter personalities and turning them into NFTs. Players can buy packs or individual cards from the marketplace to compete in tournaments and earn a variety of prizes, including Blast gold, FAN points and ETH rewards.

Fantasy Top is rewarding its players with Blast gold, FAN points and ETH rewards. Collect cards from the marketplace or buy a pack to compete in tournaments and earn FAN points, which could translate into an airdrop in the future.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Go to and click on “Login with X”.
  2. Authorise the Dapp to access your X account.
  3. Enter the following invite code: teamairdrops
  4. Purchase a pack from here. Alternatively, buy some cards from the marketplace. Note that 5 cards are required to form a deck and compete in tournaments.
  5. Compete in tournaments to earn FAN points, Blast gold, ETH rewards and stars.
  6. Also, complete the daily check-ins to earn more stars.
  7. Refer your friends to earn 9% of their FAN points rewards and 2% of their’s referrals FAN rewards.

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