Zircuit is a fully EVM-compatible zero-knowledge rollup powering the limitless potential of web3. Backed by pioneering L2 research, the network’s unique hybrid architecture combines battle-tested infrastructure with zero-knowledge proofs to give developers the best of both worlds. With cutting-edge performance and security at the sequencer level, users can explore new frontiers with faster transactions, reduced fees, and complete peace of mind.

Zircuit doesn’t have their own token but may launch one in the future. They have launched a testnet, and users who interact with it may receive an airdrop if they launch their own token.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Zircuit testnet bridge page.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Get some Sepolia ETH.
  4. Now click on “Add Zircuit” and add Zircuit testnet to your wallet.
  5. Bridge ETH from Sepolia to Zircuit and vice versa.
  6. Try to increase the testnet transactions.
  7. Make sure to join their Discord channel and sign up for the pre-early list.
  8. They don’t have their own token yet, but it’s very likely they may launch it.
  9. Early testnet participants may become eligible for the airdrop if they launch their token.
  10. Please note that there is no guarantee that they will do an airdrop to early users or launch their own token. It’s only speculation.
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