ZORA is an NFT marketplace protocol. It never goes down, it’s composable, immutable, universally accessible, and censorship-resistant. ZORA V3 includes some novel mechanisms that incentivize platforms built on the protocol, as well as a groundbreaking modular architectural design that allows for a permissionless system that can continue to deploy new versions.

ZORA has raised a total of $60M in funding from prominent investors like Paradigm and Coinbase Ventures. They don’t have an own token but could launch one in the future. Early users who’ve bought, listed or sold NFTs and also tried out their testnet may get an airdrop if they launch an own token.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the ZORA website.
  2. Connect your wallet and complete the profile onboarding.
  3. Link your social media accounts and personalise your profile.
  4. You will need some ETH first. You can get it from Binance.
  5. Now, use the Zora bridge to bridge ETH from Ethereum to ZORA.
  6. Zora also supports networks such as Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, etc.
  7. Now buy NFTs on a regular basis (every week, every two weeks, every month, etc.).
  8. It’s also recommended to “max mint” at least 1 NFT, as this has been frequently mentioned by the Zora account on X and could be an eligibility criteria or multiplier.
  9. Also, list some NFTs.
  10. Create your own NFT and promote it to get as many people as possible to mint it. Since Zora is a creator-centric, decentralized NFT platform, creators are likely to receive the majority of a potential ZORA airdrop.
  11. Uniswap has now been deployed on ZORA, so also make some swaps using Uniswap on the ZORA network and mint these commemorative NFTs on ZORA.
  12. Invite friends with your referral link to earn ETH on every NFT they mint, which could also be a potential qualifier.
  13. Also try out their testnet.
  14. Add ZORA testnet to Metamask from the testnet page.
  15. Get some Goerli ETH from here.
  16. Now bridge the testnet ETH to ZORA testnet from here.
  17. Early users who’ve interacted with the platform and done testnet actions may get an airdrop if they launch an own token.
  18. Please note that there is no guarantee that they will do an airdrop to the early users of the platform. It’s only speculation.

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