YoBit.net is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges incorporated in Panama in 2014 with headquarters in Dubai. YoBit offers more than 450 coins with 3900+ trading pairs. The platform does not obligate users with KYC and verification procedures. YoBit allows users to trade totally anonymously without limits and with the support of fiat deposits and withdraws.

FastDollars (FUSD) global airdrop provides users daily rewards up to 4700 FUSD for easy tasks and a lucrative referral program with 30% payout of referrals earnings.

Approximate total airdrop pool is $10-50M

Don’t forget to click on “Make” button after you complete the task

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Sign up to YoBit without KYC. (300 FUSD)
  2. Deposit crypto/assets to the exchange (Deposits with Metamask are available) using “Wallets” section. (700 FUSD)
  3. Make at least 1 swap on YoBit DeFi pools. (900 FUSD)
  4. Start yield farming on YoBit YoFarm platform. (1100 FUSD)
  5. Make tweets, Facebook posts, shoot YouTube and TikTok videos about YoBit Airdrop to get up to 3800 FUSD every day.
  6. FUSD trading opens in June so you have enough time to receive huge daily rewards!
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Up to 4,700 FUSD

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