Xtremeverse is a web3 anime gaming universe built by Glip, a collective of 25 artists and engineers from Tencent, Epic Games, Hoyoverse, Netease, Crytek, 2K, Ubisoft. Their first title is an anime mobile shooter, BTX Battle Xtreme. BTX is a unique blend of mobile shooter, extraction gameplay, anime art and web3 economy, making it appealing to web2 and web3 gamers. Through unique art, compelling gameplay and sustainable economy, BTX will onboard hundreds of millions of gamers to web3.

Xtremeverse has raised $6M in funding from investors like Hashed Emergent and Yield Guild Games and has launched a points campaign. Connect your wallet and Twitter to start earning points. Hold their NFT token “XTREME” to earn additional points. Also get 100 points from each referral. They’ve confirmed to launch “XVERSE” token in the future and do an airdrop to users who collect points.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Xtremeverse airdrop page.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Now, connect your Twitter account.
  4. You will get 25 points.
  5. Complete additional social tasks to earn more points.
  6. Complete all the tasks to unlock daily loot boxes, which can give you additional points of up to 500 points.
  7. Hold their NFT token “XTREME” to earn additional points.
  8. Also, get 100 points from each referral who signs up and completes at least 1 task.
  9. They’ve confirmed to launch the “XVERSE” token in the future and do an airdrop for users who collect points.

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