World PvP

World PvP is an immersive gaming platform that offers an expansive player-vs-player (PvP) experience built on the Base network.

World PvP is running a campaign where 211 countries with their own coins are competing to reach the highest market cap. At the end of each round, the country with the highest market cap will get to nuke another country and earn 50% of their liquidity. The remaining 50% of the nuked country’s liquidity is given to a random country.

They currently don’t have a token, but they may launch one in the future. The team recently confirmed a points campaign. Also, 1% of the supply from every country will be reserved for giveaways and airdrops.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the World PvP website.
  2. Choose a country from the 211 available, each with its own unique coin.
  3. Aim to increase your country’s market cap.
  4. Accumulate the highest amount of your country’s token to become president.
  5. As president you can decide strategic actions, including the decision to nuke a rival country if you win.
  6. The country with the highest market cap at the end of each round wins.
  7. As president of the winning country, unlock a nuclear missile to use against any country of your choosing.
  8. The nuke will target and drain the liquidity of the chosen country.
  9. The liquidity rug will convert the drained assets into ETH.
  10. 50% of the ETH gained will be allocated to the country that launched the nuke.
  11. The remaining 50% will be randomly distributed to another country on the map.
  12. Even if you don’t play, your address will be saved in a special list if you interact with them by chatting in their global chat.
  13. The team has recently confirmed that 1% of the supply from every country will be reserved for giveaways and airdrops.
  14. The team has also confirmed a points campaign. Points can be earned in 4 ways: 1) for country decorations (pay ~$5 in ETH to decorate any country with your own image), 2) nuke victims (points given to country token holders that get nuked out of the game), 3) trading (buying/selling country tokens) and 4) referrals.

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