VRT World

VRT World is a decentralized VR marketplace in which easy to use SDK and APIs facilitate VR content creation without restricting developers to a single company or type of device. The key advantage of the platform lies in our VR parks, which will become an “offline gateway” into this marketplace and allow outside developers to sell their content without purchasing costly equipment.

VRT World is airdropping 10 VRT tokens to Telegram users. Sign up at VRT World and submit your ETH address, join their Telegram group and submit the airdrop form. Also refer up to 3 people to earn 5 VRT per referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit VRT World website.
  2. Submit your details and create a new account.
  3. Login and save your ETH address to your account.
  4. Fill out the airdrop form.
  5. Join their Telegram group.
  6. Invite up to 3 people into their Telegram group and earn 5 VRT tokens per referral.
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Telegram required

  • Join group

E-Mail required

Estimated Value

$10 + $5 per ref

Tokens per Claim

10 VRT

Max. Participants