Vostok is leveraging the latest advances in the blockchain technology by implementing Waves-NG, a next-generation consensus algorithm, increasing network capacity, stability and speed.

Vostok is airdropping a total of 30,000,000 VST tokens to WAVES and WCT token holders. Snapshot will occur for both WAVES and WCT tokens and VST tokens will be airdropped in 1:1 ratio.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Hold a minimum of 1 WAVES or WCT in your private Wallet. If you don’t have a Waves wallet, you can create one from here.
  2. All addresses are eligible excluding known exchanges.
  3. Leased out tokens are also eligible unless held at aggregated exchanges accounts.
  4. WAVES and WCT holding will be averaged from Feb 1st – April 1st with daily snapshots and the amount of airdropped tokens will be based on average balances.
  5. VST tokens will be airdropped to your wallet in 1:1 ratio.
  6. The distribution will happen on the first week of April in WAVES tokens and it will be swapped for VST once the Vostok network goes live.
  7. There is no manual claim action required except of storing your WAVES/WCT in your private wallet.

You will find the official airdrop announcement here.

Estimated Value


Tokens per Claim

1:1 VST

Max. Participants



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