Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs is a cryptography company with experience in atomic swaps, game theory, and zero-knowledge proofs. This background led Virtual Labs to develop blockchain's first ZK State Channels: a user-verified transaction bundling scheme. This as-of-yet underhyped technology is they key to achieving the zero-gas, zero-latency, and zero-friction experience to which most of the world population is accustomed.

Virtual Labs has raised $1.2M from investors like OP Crypto and Byzantine Marine. They’re airdropping VRTL tokens to users who install the wallet, sign up and make testnet trades to earn points. Also, earn 50,000 points for each referral. The points will be converted to VRTL tokens at TGE.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Virtual Labs dashboard.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Now install the Virtual Labs Wallet.
  4. Enter the referral code “SKE3UY01HSG” and access the wallet.
  5. You will need to use the above referral code to access the wallet.
  6. You will get 25,000 points.
  7. Now visit the CoChilli platform, connect your wallet and change the network to Manta Pacific Testnet.
  8. Click on “Use virtual rollup” to connect your Virtual Labs Wallet.
  9. Now click on “Faucet” from the top to get testnet USDC and ETH.
  10. Approve USDC and make a trade.
  11. You will get an extra 25,000 points.
  12. Also, get 500 points for every trade up to a maximum of 5,000 points per day.
  13. Get 50,000 points for each referral and 25,000 points for every secondary level referral.
  14. The Virtual points will be converted to VRTL tokens after TGE.
  15. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this page.
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