Verity is trying to become the decentralized oracle that connects the real-world to the blockchain world, in real-time. They enable users to source hard-to-get, unavailable, or currently expensive data, in a better, faster, cheaper way.

Verity is airdropping free ETH and VTY tokens to their members. Signup at Verity and participate in the event with your Metamask account to get up to $24 worth of ETH/VTY  every week.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Verity website and signup.
  2. Verify your mail and log in.
  3. Log in to your Metamask extension and change the Ethereum network from Main to Ropsten Network.
  4. Visit this Faucet page and click on “Request 1 ether from the faucet”.
  5. You will receive 1 free Ropsten ETH after the transaction is confirmed.
  6. Go to your Verity account and click on “Add your wallet address” and connect your Metamask account.
  7. Participate in an upcoming verity alpha event and click on “Join” and then click on “confirm”.
  8. Now you’ll be able to vote once the event starts and when the consensus (maximum time) is reached, you will see the outcome of the event.
  9. If you were in the consensus then you will get a reward.
  10. The reward will depend on how fast you reported the data.
  11. If you were part of the consensus then you will be able to claim your reward by clicking on “claim reward” and then click on “confirm”.
  12. You will get your reward in the form of test ethers and you will receive the same amount of real ETH/VTY on main Ethereum network after the token sale.
  13. Every user could get up to $24 worth of ETH/VTY tokens weekly.
  14. For more information see this Medium post.
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