Ultimate Digits

As a DePIN Layer-3 on Base, Ultimate Digits provides virtual Ethereum-based mobile numbers that become Web3 usernames for secure communications, decentralized VOIP, and asset transfers. This leverages the world’s largest social graph (mobile numbers) to manage Web3 transactions and communications through a privacy-focused mobile number.

Ultimate Digits is airdropping 12% of the native ULT token supply to their airdrop participants. Visit their airdrop page and complete easy, free tasks to farm Ultimate Points. Invite your friends to enable both your friend and you to earn 1500 Ultimate Points per referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Ultimate Digits airdrop page and connect any wallet.
  2. Link your Discord and start completing various tasks to earn free Ultimate Points.
  3. Earn 100 Ultimate Points for joining their Discord Server and 10 Ultimate Points daily for sending “/gm” messages on Discord.
  4. There will be a total of three airdrop seasons, and users who complete them all will get special bonuses.
  5. Holding the Ultimate Points Genesis NFT (Free Mint on Base) will reward an additional 10 Ultimate Points per day.
  6. Visit their official airdrop announcement for more details.
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