TontineTrust is creating a blockchain-based retirement funding platform which provides a cost-conscious alternative to traditional longevity risk solutions.

TontineTrust is creating a blockchain-based, decentralized pension platform which saves global users an estimated 30% of their pension which would traditionally be spent on fees and commissions. TontineTrust’s project is very highly rated with a 4.1 on ICO Bench and they are backed by an experienced team with a history in payment solutions and computer science. TontineTrust is airdropping $100,000 USD worth of TON tokens. The amount of tokens you will receive depends on how many tasks you complete to help TON build their community. The airdrop will run until all tokens are distributed or until April 27th.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Go to the TontineTrust site and register by clicking on ”whitelist me now!” 
  2. Enter your email address and use the referral code ”airdrop” 
  3. Go to airdrop on your account dashboard. You can simply join the community on Telegram & Twitter or earn more tokens by completing social media bounty tasks.
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