The Beacon

The Beacon is a fantasy action roguelite RPG set in the Treasure DAO ecosystem of games. It offers free-to-play gameplay and incorporates NFT items. The Beacon launched its first playable prototype in November 2022. It enables players to explore dungeons, battle monsters, and collect NFT items either solo or in co-op mode.

The Beacon doesn’t have their own token yet but has confirmed to airdrop their token to the newly launched quest campaign participants. Sign up for the quest and complete simple tasks to earn points. Also, get points for referring your friends. The top participants will get a whitelist spot to mint the “Writ of Passage NFT”. Participants will also get a share of token airdrop based on ranks. An additional pool of 150k ARB tokens will also be distributed to the participants.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Beacon quest page.
  2. Login with your Twitter account.
  3. Now, start completing quests to earn Prestige Points.
  4. Follow them on Twitter to get 100 points.
  5. Create your account by connecting your wallet to get another 100 points.
  6. You will get a bonus of 100 points for signing up with the above referral link.
  7. Also, complete additional quests to earn more points.
  8. You can also get 3% of the points from each referral.
  9. The more points you collect, the higher the rank you can get.
  10. The top participants will be able to secure a spot on the whitelist to mint the “Writ of Passage NFT”.
  11. They don’t have a token yet, but they have confirmed that a small token allocation will be distributed among the different ranks.
  12. A total of 150k ARB tokens will also be distributed to Phase one participants.
  13. You can also unlock chests with your points to receive more rewards. The number of chests you can unlock is based on your points. Chests also contain medallions, and rarer medallions result in a larger token allocation.
  14. You must complete the main quest line to enter the raffle for a Whitelist spot and become eligible for token allocation.
  15. Phase one of the campaign will end on June 30th. Phase two and three will only be for Writ of Passage NFT holders, so secure your spot in the whitelist from Phase one to be eligible for future rewards.
  16. Whitelist winners will be able to mint the Writ of Passage NFT  by late June/early July.
  17. For more information regarding the campaign, see this article.

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