Super Bitcoin

Super Bitcoin is a proposed improvement to bitcoin and the teams wants to implement some great solutions into Bitcoin. Some of those solutions including the Lightning Network, smart contracts, zero knowledge proofs, and larger block sizes.

The fork happened at block height 498888 on Dec 12, 2017 and everyone who held their Bitcoins in a supported exchange or in a private wallet is eligible to claim Bitcoin Gold.

Step-by-Step Guide:


1. Get the private keys of your wallet that held BTC on December 15th (it is best to empty this wallet).
2. Import the private keys into a wallet that supports SBTC and initiate a wallet sweep. Only download wallets from verified developers.

Disclaimer: We list hardforks for informational purpose only. We are not able to make sure that hardforks are legit. We only want to list the opportunity of a free airdrop. So stay safe and make sure to claim forks with a private key of an empty wallet.

Never share your private key with anyone!



Forked From:


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