SOFA is a non-profit DAO dedicated to developing a comprehensive asset settlement framework on-chain. DAO supporting members include Galaxy, OK Ventures, Hashkey Capital, Arbitrum, Chainlink and Lido. provides structured products for BTC and ETH, allowing users to express their market views to earn yield and RCH airdrops. Two frontends are provided according to your risk appetite: Earn for low yield, low risk strategies and Surge for high yield, high risk strategies. is a recipient of an Arbitrum grant and all protocol vaults have been audited by Secur3 and Sigma Prime. The DAO also has backing from major players, such as OK Ventures, Chainlink and Lido.

The RCH token is dedicated to airdrops for vault depositors based on their relative transaction volume, where 33% of the supply is available to users. Initially, 12,500 of RCH tokens will be airdropped daily over the first 180 days. After which, the airdropped amounts will decrease by an incremental 20% every 180 days. The remaining supply has been locked as liquidity on Uniswap. RCH was fairly launched and all of’s protocol earnings are used to burn RCH daily from the Uniswap pool, resulting in a deflationary supply.


Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit and click on ‘Launch App’.
  2. Select from the Earn (low yield/risk) or Surge (high yield/risk) frontends.
  3. Connect your wallet and select your product depending on your market view: rangebound if you think the BTC or ETH market will go sideways, bull trend if you are bullish on BTC or ETH, or bear trend if you are bearish on BTC or ETH.
  4. After selecting your product based on your market view, deposit into the vault of your choice. USDT on Ethereum mainnet or Arbitrum is required for all deposits.
  5. Each vault has an expiry date. If you deposit USDT and the price remains within your target by the expiry date, then you’ll earn a payoff.
  6. You can also customise the trading product to your own specification. The estimated yield will vary depending on how wide your price range is, the base yield desired and the expiry date.
  7. Select the amount you want to deposit in USDT, check the potential yield and click Deposit if you want to proceed. Provide your signature and then sign the deposit transaction.
  8. On expiry, go to the expiry tab, open your trade ticket and click Claim to receive your payouts.
  9. On top of the base yield from Aave, you’ll also earn profits if your market view was correct and airdrop rewards in RCH based on your share of transaction volume.
  10. have published full walkthroughs for both the Earn and Surge frontends.
  11. RCH rewards can be claimed here.
  12. The project’s docs also mention a SOFA token for governance. Active community members who participate in public activities in the early stages may also be rewarded with SOFA in the future.

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