Skywire aims to create a better, safer, distributed internet protocol that will diminish the need for corporate internet service providers.

Skycoin is airdropping 0.15 SKY tokens to anyone who follows their social media channels.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Download the Skycoin Wallet** and copy your SKY receiving address.
2. Join Skycoin on Telegram.
3. Follow Skycoin on Twitter.
4. Subscribe to Skycoin on Reddit.
5. Fill out the Airdrop Form and input your SKY address.
6. Reply to the Skycoin Bitcointalk thread when finished.

** We recommend to use virtual machines for custom wallets

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Telegram required

Twitter required

Reddit required

Bitcointalk required

Estimated Value


Tokens per Claim

0.15 SKY

Max. Participants