Semux is an innovative high performance blockchain platform written in Java and powered by Semux BFT consensus algorithm.

Semux enabled the claiming process for ETH holders:

Go to claiming tool:

1. You need to have non-zero balance in your Etherum wallet at block #5357795 (Apr-01-2018).
2. You need to sign your Semux address with your Etherum wallet.
3. The airdrop rate is 1 ETH = 1 SEM. You will get at least 5 SEM and at most 500 SEM per address.
4. The total airdrop allocation is 2,000,000 SEM.
5. Applications will be processed on Saturday weekly.

Airdrop for ETH holders
Semux will airdrop a total amount of 2,000,000 SEM coins to ETH holders. There was a snapshot on April 1, 2018 at ETH block #5,357,795. Claiming process will start on April 8, 2018. You will receive 1 SEM for 1 ETH you held during the snapshot. You can claim max. 500 SEM per address. Details will be announced soon.

Total airdrop value: 2,000,000 SEM
Snapshot block: #5,357,795
Claiming ratio: 1 SEM : 1 ETH (max. 500 SEM per address)
Claiming starts: April 8, 2018

Check your ETH balance at the snapshot block here:

Note: If you are experiencing problems with starting the Semux wallet try installing the redistributable package in x84 AND x64 version.

Airdrop for BTC holders (ended)
Claim your free SEM tokens if you had a minimum BTC balance of 0.05 at block #480,000. Use the following tool to check if you had a balance during the snapshot:

You need to sign your Semux address with your Bitcoin wallet and submit the signature to the Google form:

For every 1 BTC in your wallet you will receive 20 SEM. You will receive 20 SEM if you had less than 1 BTC balance. You will receive at most 1,000 SEM per BTC address.

Airdrop will end on Feb 25, 2018 or when the distribution cap of  2,000,000 SEM is reached.

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