Pontem is a product development studio working toward global financial inclusion powered by blockchains. They've partnered with Aptos to build foundational dApps and other infrastructure which enable adoption of their L1, such as development tooling, EVMs, AMMs, and more.

Pontem is the first wallet and asset swap on Aptos and has raised $10.5M in funding from investors like Pantera Capital and Wintermute. Pontem doesn’t have their own token yet but has hinted at doing an airdrop. Installing the wallet, using their DEX and other products, may make you eligible for an airdrop if they launch their own token.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Pontem DEX.
  2. Now download the Pontem wallet for Chrome.
  3. Install the wallet and save the seed phrase.
  4. Connect the wallet to Pontem DEX.
  5. Now do some transactions like making a swap and providing liquidity.
  6. Use their LiquidSwap Bridge to transfer an asset across blockchains.
  7. Visit Liquidswap’s airdrop page. Connect your ETH, SOL and Aptos wallets.
  8. Share your referral link for a chance to earn a higher allocation.
  9. Head to the Liquidswap dashboard to see your achievements.
  10. The Liquidswap dashboard also shows whether you hold certain Aptos memecoins or NFTs.
  11. Purchase a small amount of the following Aptos memecoins on Liquidswap to unlock the badges: UPTOS, DooDoo, SHRIMP and RETuRD.
  12. Purchase the Space Pirates, Dark Ages or Doodoos OG NFTs to unlock the NFT badges.
  13. They’ve also launched a modular AltVM framework for layer 2s called Lumio and users can currently bridge tokens from other networks to Lumio from here.
  14. Collect all the badges for Lumio. To collect all badges, bridge ETH, PEPE and PORK to Lumio and be an active user of Blast, Optimism and Uniswap.
  15. Pontem doesn’t have their own token yet but has hinted at doing an airdrop.
  16. Early users who’ve interact with Pontem products may get a Pontem airdrop if they launch their own token.
  17. Please note that there is no guarantee that they will do an airdrop. It’s only speculation.

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