Plena is a cryptocurrency investment application leveraging Account Abstraction technology for the last two years to simplify the usage of decentralized applications. The platform provides an interface that mirrors the user experience of centralized systems while maintaining the security features of self-custodial wallets, a combination previously unattainable in the realm of web3.

Plena is airdropping a total of 15M PLENA to users who download the app and refer friends. Download the app through a referral link and complete a transaction on any network to receive 15 PLENA. Also, get 15 PLENA for each referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Download the Plena App for Android/IOS.
  2. Create a wallet.
  3. Enter code “331DDA77166” in the referral code field and sign up.
  4. Now, deposit some tokens and make a transaction on any network.
  5. You will get 15 PLENA.
  6. Also, get 15 PLENA for each referral.
  7. A total of 15M worth of PLENA will be shared among the participants.
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Phone required

  • App install

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