PlanetQuest is a cinematic gaming metaverse set in the 27th century, offering a blockchain-based exploration, survival, and discovery game where players can earn real-world income through gameplay. The game blends unique gameplay with a community-driven governance model that evolves the narrative and game environment.

PlanetQuest is airdropping free PQX tokens to its airdrop participants as the team prepares for their token launch. Visit their airdrop page and connect your X account to start completing easy tasks. Sign up with our link to earn 2500 points.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the PlanetQuest airdrop page.
  2. Connect your X account and follow PlanetQuest on X from the airdrop page.
  3. Connect your wallet and sign up for the airdrop.
  4. While connecting your wallet, disable any non-essential browser extensions, particularly other wallet extensions like Trust Wallet or Phantom, which may interfere with MetaMask.
  5. To disable, go to your browser settings, find Extensions, and toggle off any that aren’t needed.
  6. You will receive 2500 points for signing up using our link.
  7. Share the news about the airdrop campaign on X, and make sure to mention @joinPlanetQuest or $PQX.
  8. You will receive points based on the number of views, likes, replies, and reposts.
  9. Earn more points to claim Quantum crystals. You can claim higher level crystals by earning more points.
  10. The airdrop will take place in seasons, with the first season ending by the end of the month. The second season will begin on May 1.
  11. You will also earn additional points for each referral.
  12. For more details about the airdrop, visit their official airdrop announcement.
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