Paygine is an open financial platform designed to operate within its own proprietary banking structure and designed to serve FinTech and crypto-business needs in areas of money remittance, cryptocurrency exchange, and payment for “real” goods and services under White Label solution.

Paygine is airdropping 5 PGC tokens to anyone who joins them on Telegram. Participants can earn an additional 2.5 PGC tokens per referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Start the Telegram bot.
2. Join the Paygine Telegram chat.
3. Submit your details to the bot.
4. Share your link and earn 2.5 PGC per referral.
5. Be sure to watch your email in the coming weeks for instructions on how to claim your tokens. Tokens will be distributed after June 18th.

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Telegram required

  • Join group

E-Mail required

Estimated Value

$5 + $2.50 per ref

Tokens per Claim


Max. Participants