Particle Network

Particle Network's goal is to abstract away the complexities associated with user onboarding and interactions across the multi-chain ecosystem, paving the way for mass Web3 adoption. Particle Network's modular L1 blockchain powers chain abstraction and coordinates Universal Accounts across chains, abstracting away wallets, gas, and unifying liquidity. It acts as a universal settlement layer, empowering existing L1s, L2s, and non-EVM blockchains through account coordination.

Particle Network has raised $8.8M in funding from investors like HashKey Capital and Animoca Brands and has launched a testnet airdrop points program. Sign up for the campaign and complete simple testnet tasks to earn points in the form of $PARTI. Also, earn 100 points from each referral. They don’t have their own token yet but have confirmed to do an airdrop to users who collect points.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Particle Network testnet campaign page.
  2. Click on “Join Now” and sign up with any social accounts or wallets.
  3. Enter the invite code “XB5FOE“.
  4. Connect your Twitter account and follow them on Twitter.
  5. Connect your Discord account and join their Discord channel.
  6. Now go to the “Points” dashboard.
  7. You will now need some testnet USDG.
  8. Firstly get some testnet tokens of supported chains like Ethereum Sepolia, Arbitrum Sepolia, Optimism Sepolia or Base Sepolia from here.
  9. Now click on “Deposit” from the “Points” dashboard and deposit testnet tokens from supported chains to Particle testnet.
  10. You will get testnet USDG.
  11. You will also get 200 $PARTI points.
  12. Do daily check in to earn more points.
  13. You can earn 50 points (a maximum of 100 times/day) for using USDG on the Particle Testnet to pay for gas fees on all connected chains. Check “Task 3” for more information.
  14. Also, get 100 points from each referral.
  15. New tasks and activities will be added in the future, so keep interacting with the testnet to earn more points.
  16. They don’t have their own token yet but have confirmed to do an airdrop to users who interact with the testnet and earn points.
  17. For more information regarding the testnet airdrop campaign, see this article.

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