Paras is a digital art card marketplace built on blockchain technology that offers true ownership and digital scarcity. Paras use NEAR cryptocurrency as the medium of exchange between creators and collectors to support cross border transactions.

Paras is airdropping 1.5% of the total supply to early users of the platform. The airdrop was based on the user’s monthly transaction volume. The rewards are being distributed over the course of 3 months.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Roke dashboard.
  2. Connect your NEAR wallet.
  3. Go to “My streams” and click on stream with sender “airdrop.paras.near”.
  4. If you’re eligible, you will be able to claim free PARAS.
  5. Early users of the platform with monthly transaction volume are eligible. Eligible accounts can be found here.
  6. The rewards are allocated based on the transaction volume of the receiver account in Paras marketplace at a certain threshold.
  7. The rewards are streamed over the course of the three months.
  8. Check the airdrop announcement tweet from here.
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