Pac Finance

Pac Finance is the first self-paying lending and margin trading protocol built on Blast L2, featuring dual automatic compounding and one-click leverage. Pac Finance protocol stands out for its fully open-source nature. This openness permits seamless integration and interaction with the Ethereum blockchain via smart contracts, user interface clients, or APIs. The open-source framework of Pac Finance empowers the development of bespoke third-party services and applications, facilitating enriched interactions with the protocol.

Pac Finance has confirmed to launch their own token in the future and has launched a points system. Connect your Blast wallet and supply assets to earn points. You can also get 20% of the points from each referral. Users who’ve bridged to Blast will get bonus points for signing up at Pac Finance. Users who collect points will get Pac token airdrop when their token goes live. Users who interact with Pac Finance will also get Blast points as well as Blast Gold airdrops.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Pac Finance website.
  2. Connect your Blast wallet.
  3. Enter the invite code “D44D4” and click on “Next”.
  4. Now, connect your Twitter account, follow them, and retweet the tweet mentioned.
  5. You will now get initial Pac points if you’ve participated in the Blast early access campaign.
  6. Now, get some ETH and/or tokens on Blast. You can get ETH on Binance.
  7. You can then use to bridge ETH or other tokens from other networks to Blast for free.
  8. Now go to “Lending” and lend some tokens.
  9. Also, try to borrow some tokens.
  10. You will start earning Pac points for interacting on the platform.
  11. Invite your friends to earn 20% of their points.
  12. You will also receive Blast points and Blast Gold airdrops for interacting on the platform. For more information regarding the Blast points and Gold airdrop, see our Blast airdrop article.
  13. They’ve confirmed the launch of the Pac token, so it’s very likely that the users who collect points will get an airdrop when their token goes live.

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