Ormeus Coin

Ormeus Coin is a new digital money system backed by a fully-audited $250 Million industrial crypto mining operation. Revenue from the mining farm is cryptographically tied to the Ormeus Reserve Vault (ORV) through proof of asset technology and self-executing Ethereum Blockchain smart contracts, which are ERC20 compliant.

Ormeus Coin is airdropping 5 ORME tokens to anyone who joins them on Telegram. There will also be a contest for the top 5 referrers and one random weekly winner.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Sign up on the Ormeus airdrop page.
2. Join the Ormeus Telegram group.
3. Refer friends to enter the referral contest. Rewards are as follows:

1st – 10,000 ORME
2nd – 5,000 ORME
3rd – 3,000 ORME
4th – 2,500 ORME
5th – 1,000 ORME
Random weekly winner – 1,000 ORME

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