Opet Foundation

Opet is an intelligent AI companion chatbot designed to help secondary students with their exam revision. Opet is an effective, affordable and convenient digital private tutor to help students revise effectively for their exams.

Opet Foundation is airdropping 10 OPET tokens to participants who complete easy social tasks. Only the top 5,000 public Twitter accounts with the highest number of followers will receive the bounty. An additional 2 OPET tokens will be rewarded for each successful referral. The tokens will be distributed 2-3 weeks after the bounty program ends.

Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Join the Opet Telegram group.
2. Follow Opet on Twitter.
3. Retweet this tweet.
4. Like this video and subscribe to the Opet YouTube channel. Note: this step will not be verified.
5. Submit your Twitter username and ETH address in the form.
6. Share your referral link and earn 2 OPET per successful referral.
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Telegram required

  • Join group

Twitter required

  • Follow
  • Single Retweet

Estimated Value

$14 + $3 per ref

Tokens per Claim


Max. Participants