OpenGPU Network

OpenGPU is a decentralized network providing access to GPU computing power through a peer-to-peer marketplace. The project aims to make high-performance computing resources more accessible and affordable by leveraging idle GPUs from around the world.

OpenGPU Network is airdropping a total of $4,000 to lucky winners. Visit their airdrop page and complete easy social tasks to earn free points. The airdrop pool will be distributed to 100 lucky winners.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the OpenGPU Network quest page.
  2. Sign up using your X account or email.
  3. Complete various social tasks to earn free points.
  4. A total of $4,000 is allocated for this airdrop.
  5. 100 lucky winners will share the airdrop pool in the following order:
    • 1st place: $800
    • 2nd place: $400
    • 3rd place: $300
    • 4th-10th place: $100 each (Total: $700)
    • 11th-20th place: $50 each (Total: $500)
    • 21st-40th place: $30 each (Total: $600)
    • 41st-100th place: $20 each (Total: $700)
  6. Ensure to hold a few OGPU tokens in your wallet to receive the airdrop.
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