Olive Network

Olive Network is a secure, developer and user friendly Ethereum layer 3 chain designed to be fully EVM compatible and built with native ETH staking and restaking at it's core. Its built using Arbitrum Orbit tech stack for best in class speed & performance (avg. block time ~0.26 secs).

Olive Network has confirmed to launch their token “OLIVE” and do an airdrop to to users who collect Olive points. Stake ETh or LSTs such as rsETH and ezETH to start earning Olive points. Also earn more for inviting friends. Olive points will get converted OLIVE tokens in the future.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Olive Network website.
  2. Enter the invite code “airdropsio” and join.
  3. Connect your Ethereum or Arbitrum wallet.
  4. Now go to “Stake” and stake tokens.
  5. Olive supports ETH, wETH, rsETH, ezETH, weETH and many more.
  6. You will start earning staking APR + Restaking APR + Eigenlayer points + LRT points as well as Olive points.
  7. Also, earn more Olive points for referring your friends.
  8. They’ve confirmed that they will airdrop OLIVE tokens to users who collect Olive points.
  9. For more information regarding the points campaign, see this page.

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