OAX is trying to promote the real world application of the OAX platform and ecosystem. It also aims to initially develop the OAX platform and advocate governance and promote the core values of being open, transparent and decentralized.

OAX is airdropping a total of 5,000,000 OAX to token holders. Follow them on all required social platforms and submit your details including your ETH address in which you are holding the OAX tokens to the airdrop page. You will receive a share of the airdrop value depending on the number of OAX you hold.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the OAX airdrop page.
  2. Follow them on Twitter.
  3. Like their Facebook page.
  4. Subscribe to their Reddit page.
  5. Submit your ETH address in which you hold OAX tokens.
  6. You can submit up to 5 ETH addresses.
  7. Submit your details and register for the airdrop.
  8. Each registered user will get free OAX tokens from the total airdrop value depending on the average daily balance of the total OAX you hold during the airdrop period or the balance you have on the last day of the airdrop period which is on January 16, 2019.
  9. The distribution of the OAX tokens will be announced at a later stage.
  10. For more information see this Medium post.
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