mySwap's Concentrated Liquidity Automated Market Maker (AMM) utilizes Starknet's cost-effective computation to enable trades with zero service fees. It combines a user-friendly interface with efficient gas usage, making it a preferred option for both traders and liquidity providers.

mySwap has a TVL of more than $10 million, and they don’t have their own token yet. Users who generate APR fees will earn points on the mySwap leaderboard and may potentially qualify for the airdrop.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the mySwap website.
  2. Connect or set up the Braavos Wallet or any other Starknet wallet.
  3. Fund your wallet with STRK or ETH. In the deposit section of your wallet, you’ll find multiple solutions, like onramping tokens from Binance.
  4. Go to the mySwap leaderboard and follow all the steps that will earn you points.
  5. Create your liquidity pool and try to generate the best yield, so you’ll earn points on the leaderboard but also APR fees.
  6. mySwap doesn’t have its own token yet, but participants on the leaderboard would likely be eligible for a potential airdrop. There’s no guarantee for an airdrop; it’s purely speculative.

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