MPRO Lab is a web platform for managing NODEs licenses and MPRO distribution, with DAO voting for the DAGO community. The platform caters to NODEs providers by offering them an opportunity to contribute computing resources to the Metapro Protocol's distributed database.

MPRO Lab is airdropping a total of $340,000 for their airdrop participants. Complete easy social tasks to earn free XRP. You can also earn additional points for inviting friends. The team is also hosting a daily Telegram raffle where they offer 10 daily prizes of 1,000 MPRO each.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. MPRO Lab is hosting a TGE celebration contest where they are giving away a prize pool exceeding $315,000 to the top 50 participants. You will also stand a chance to receive rewards like iNODEs worth not less than $4k.
  2. Secondly, they are running a daily Telegram raffle where they are offering 10 daily prizes of 1,000 MPRO each, totaling 130,000 MPRO. To participate in this raffle, visit their Telegram group and check out their pinned message.
  3. Additionally, visit the MPRO Lab airdrop page and sign up to participate in their Zealy airdrop campaign.
  4. Complete various social tasks to earn free points. The team has allocated 375,000 MPRO tokens for this particular airdrop campaign.
  5. You can also invite your friends and earn additional points for each referral.
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