Mind Network

Mind Network is one of the first tokenized startups to apply the long-awaited 'Holy Grail of Encryption' to Web3. Mind Network is a Zero Trust Layer that offers a security and data privacy solution that achieves true CrossFi scale, complying with regulatory requirements while staying true to Web3 principles of asset tokenization and individual data ownership.

Mind Network has raised $2.5M in funding from investors like Binance Labs and SevenX Ventures. They don’t have their own token yet but could launch one in the future. They’ve launched a testnet campaign, and users who do participate may get an airdrop if they launch their own token.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Mind Network testnet page.
  2. Click on “Connect wallet”.
  3. Change the network to Polygon Mumbai testnet. You can add it from Chainlist.
  4. You will need some testnet MATIC. You can get it from here.
  5. Now click on “Register” and sign the message.
  6. Also, repeat the above steps using a different wallet.
  7. Now go to “Transfer” and send some MATIC from your wallet to the second wallet you’ve registered.
  8. Try to do transfers on multiple wallets.
  9. Now complete the Galxe tasks.
  10. They don’t have their own token yet but could launch it in the future.
  11. Early users who do the testnet actions may get an airdrop if their token goes live.
  12. Please note that there is no guarantee that they will launch their own token or do an airdrop to early users. It’s only speculation.

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