LunarStorm is a platform that brings game developers, players, and creators together to shape and define the future of Web3 gaming. They envision creating a limitless gaming universe that fosters collaboration, empowers players, creators, and game studios, and revolutionizes the gaming experience in Web3.

LunarStorm is airdropping a total of $1,000,000 worth of LUST tokens for their airdrop participants. The LUST token is already tradeable on the exchange. Visit the airdrop page and complete easy social tasks to earn free XP. The team has also unveiled plans to roll out new platform features, introduce on-platform rewards and quests, platform governance, and more.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the LunarStorm Zealy airdrop page.
  2. Sign up for the airdrop using your Discord, wallet, or email address.
  3. Complete all the tasks on the airdrop page to earn free XP.
  4. LunarStorm is airdropping a total of $1,000,000 worth of LUST for this campaign.
  5. Visit their official airdrop announcement for more details about the airdrop and their upcoming plans for the project.
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