LemoChain is a decentralized, open source platform for companies of all sizes to monetize and exchange their structured business data. LemoChain will accelerate blockchain’s integration into our every-day lives by means of increasing it's universal commercial relevance.

LemoChain is airdropping 1,500,000 LEMO tokens to Telegram users. Create an account at LemoChain, submit your KYC details, join their Telegram group and send your referral code to the group. Also get 10 LEMO tokens for every referred friend.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit LemoChain website.
  2. Click on “Now, join the pre-sale to receive 50 LEMO Tokens!“.
  3. Submit your details and signup.
  4. Finish KYC registration.
  5. Join their Telegram group and send your referral code to the group.
  6. Check your KYC status by sending @bot “KYC” to the group.
  7. You will get 50 LEMO tokens once your KYC is passed.
  8. Send “lemocheck” to the group to see your balance and your referral link.
  9. Get 10 LEMO tokens for every referred friend.
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  • Post in group

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