LeadRex is a lead generation platform based on artificial intelligence and Blockchain developed to increase the conversion of advertising campaigns and reduce operating costs.

LeadRex is airdropping 60 LDX tokens to anyone who joins them on Telegram. Participants can earn an extra 25 LDX per successful referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Start the Telegram bot.
2. Join the LeadRex Telegram group with the link provided. (+60 LDX)
3. Submit your email and ETH address to the Telegram bot.
4. Share your referral link and earn 25 LDX for each successful referral.

Maximum paid referrals:
🥇2,000 Referrals
🥈1,500 Referrals
🥉1,000 Referrals

500 each for the remaining.

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Telegram required

E-Mail required

Estimated Value

$21 + $8.75 per ref

Tokens per Claim

60 LDX

Max. Participants