LangNet is an ecosystem catered to language-based applications and services.

LangNet is giving away free LANG token to users who contribute their voice. Chat with the Telegram bot and speak the sentences given by the bot. You will get 1 LANG for every completed sentence. You can also get bonus 20% tokens if you participate in the World cup event from the LangNet dashboard. Also get 500 LANG for every referral who completes 30 sentences.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Chat with this Telegram bot.
  2. Enable your Microphone.
  3. Click on “Record” from the bot.
  4. The bot will give you some sentence.
  5. You need to press and hold the microphone button on Telegram and repeat the sentence.
  6. You will get 1 LANG token for every successful sentence.
  7. Click on Balance from the bot and click on “Connect to dashboard”.
  8. The bot will give you a code.
  9. Create an account at LangNet.
  10. Verify your mail and log in to the dashboard.
  11. Submit the verification code to the dashboard to claim your LANG tokens.
  12. Join their Telegram group.
  13. Click on “World cup event” from the LangNet dashboard.
  14. Select your favorite country to support in the football world cup.
  15. You will get 20% bonus tokens if your country advances to the next stage.
  16. Also get 500 LANG for every referral who complete 30 sentences from the bot.
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