KiloEx is a decentralized exchange that offers the best of both worlds. Their platform provides traders with lightning-fast trades, real-time tracking of market activity, and a intuitive trading experience, while offering liquidity providers risk-neutral positions and LP-friendly solutions.

KiloEX has raised an undisclosed amount in funding from Binance Labs and is airdropping free KILO tokens to users who trade and collect points. Users who connect their Binance Smart Chain, opBNB or Manta wallet and make trades on the platform will earn airdrop points. You could also earn more points for each referral. The points will be converted to KILO tokens after TGE.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the KiloEX website.
  2. Connect your Binance Smart Chain, opBNB or Manta wallet.
  3. You will need USDT to make trades. You can get it on Binance.
  4. Now go to “Trade” and make trades to earn points.
  5. Then go to “Earn” and stake some USDT to earn more points.
  6. You can also earn up to 22.5% of the points from each referral. Go to “Referrals” to get your referral link.
  7. The points can be viewed in the “Airdrops” section.
  8. Earned points will be converted to KILO tokens after TGE.
  9. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this page.

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