KanadeCoin was built to support and track Monozukuri. In Japanese, Monozukuri is the manufacturing or production of something from beginning to the end.

KanadeCoin is airdropping 55% of their total supply to airdrop participants who complete the easy social tasks. Participants can earn extra KNDC for making successful referrals.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Join KanadeCoin on Discord.
2. (+20,000 KNDC) Follow them on Twitter and retweet this post. Be sure to follow their English channel as well.
3. (+15,000 KNDC) Join them on Telegram.
4. (+30,000 KNDC) Join them on Bitcointalk (optional) and post a proof of authentication in this thread in the following format:

#Authentication for KanadeCoin Airdrop
Telegram Username:
Twitter Username:
Retweet Url:

5. Fill out this form.
6. Tweet your Airdrop ID in the following format (replace ABCDEFG with your code):

#KanadeCoin #奏コイン

7. Submit the form to receive your referral link. Share your link and earn more KNDC for each referral.

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Telegram required

Twitter required

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Estimated Value


Tokens per Claim

65,000 KNDC

Max. Participants



Stay Safe
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