Investa is an exchange ecosystem that collects symbiotic services to allow users to increase the value of their digital assets in a logical and efficient way.

The project is airdropping free coins for social activities to be completed by the community. The more activities completed, the more entries participants can earn.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Sign up to the airdrop page. (+1 entry)
2. Complete easy social tasks added each day like following social accounts (+25 entries) or registering in the ICO dashboard (+50 entries) to earn entries.
3. Share your referral code to earn more entries. (+100 entries per referral)

The more entries you earn the more coins you will receive:

250 entries – 20 InvestaCoins
400 entries – 40 InvestaCoins
700 entries – 60 InvestaCoins
850 entries – 100 InvestaCoins
The #1 Investa Bounty Hunter – 2,000 InvestaCoins
The #2 Investa Bounty Hunter – 1,750 InvestaCoins
The #3 Investa Bounty Hunter – 1,000 InvestaCoins
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