Initia stands as a beacon of innovation and simplicity. They're on a mission to redefine the multi-chain network experience from the ground up. By seamlessly integrating architecture, product, and economic systems, Initia offers a holistic solution that transforms how networks operate, feel, and interact.

Initia has raised $7.5M in funding from investors such as Delphi Digital and Nascent and launched a testnet XP campaign. Connect your wallet and complete testnet tasks to earn XPs and a Jennie card. Also, earn 5% of the referee’s XP from each referral. They’ve confirmed to launch the INIT token, so the users who collect XPs and level up Jennie will likely get an airdrop when their token goes live.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Initia XP testnet page.
  2. Connect the Initia wallet or an external wallet like Metamask.
  3. Now, you must complete all the six tasks mentioned on the XP page.
  4. Click on “Task 1” and get testnet tokens. You will receive two tokens from the faucet.
  5. GAS will be used to pay for gas on the Initia L1 during Public Testnet. INIT, the native token of Initia, is used across the L1 network and L2 Minitias.
  6. Now go to “Task 2” and register an Initia username.
  7. Then go to “Task 3” and swap 1 INIT for tokens.
  8. Go to “Task 4” and stake INIT with a validator.
  9. Then go to “Task 5” and stake the LP with a validator.
  10. Now complete the final “Task 6” by claiming the staking rewards.
  11. You will get XP for completing tasks. Interact more to earn more XPs.
  12. After completing all the above tasks, you will be able to mint NFT cards.
  13. It may take some time for the completed tasks to be verified and for you to be able to collect cards.
  14. Collect all six NFT cards to create a Level 1 Baby Jennie.
  15. Feed your Jennie once every week with your earned XP to level up your Jennie.
  16. You will then be able to enter our referral code “R73SMXWR” to receive a bonus of 50 XP.
  17. Also, refer your friends to get 5% of the referee’s XP.
  18. The testnet XP campaign will run for eight weeks, so try to collect as much XP as possible.
  19. They’ve confirmed that they’ll launch their own token, “INIT”. So it’s very likely that the users who collect XPs and level up Jennie will get an airdrop when their token goes live.
  20. For more information regarding the testnet campaign, see this Medium article.

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