Indorse provides a simple and objective validation of anyone's skills. They aim to help employers find qualified workers through an objective endorsement system, rather than the current recommendation-based system which is open to personal bias and fraud.

Indorse is airdropping free IND tokens and awarding badges to anyone who registers on their website and joins them on Telegram. The first 2,000 people will receive 5 IND, the next 4,000 will receive 4 IND and the next 8,000 will receive 3 IND. Indorse currently trades at a value of about $0.05.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Register on the Indorse website.
2. Verify your email.
3. Log in to Indorse and add your ETH address by clicking on the pen icon next to your name.
4. Speak to the Telegram bot and send it the email that you used to sign up on the Indorse website.
5. Join their Telegram group.
6. You should now see the Indorse Pioneer Badge on your Indorse profile.
7. You’ll get more benefits when the referral system goes live, if you have the badge on your Indorse profile.

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