Huddl, founded by former Blackrock and Mastercard executives, combines a social network with an investment network, allowing mainstream investors to get access to the same investment managers, products and low fees as the wealthy.

Huddl is rewarding 50 HUDDL tokens to their community members. Signup for the referral campaign and complete some easy social tasks to receive the tokens. Also earn 10 HUDDL for every referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Huddl website.
  2. Submit your mail and click on “Get early access, earn rewards“.
  3. Verify your mail.
  4. You will get 10 HUDDL tokens.
  5. Share the referral campaign from your personal page. (+30 HUDDL )
  6. Like their Facebook page and follow their Twitter account from your personal page. (+10 HUDDL)
  7. Also get 10 HUDDL for every referral.
  8. Top 10 referrers will get 10,000 HUDDL each, top 11-100 referrers will get 1000 HUDDL each and top 101-1000 referrers will get 100 HUDDL each.
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