Hangry Animals

Hangry Animals is a collection of 11,111 generative art pieces that represent characters of their up-and-coming (HangryVerse) metaverse movie experience. There are 5 species to collect and any number of combinations to add to the collection of animals. There will be hidden among the total collection a series of Ultra, Super, Rare, Collectors and General species for users to enjoy and own.

Hangry Animals is giving away 1 NFT to 25 lucky participants. Sign up for the giveaway and complete simple social tasks to get a chance to win the rewards.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Hangry Animals giveaway page.
  2. Submit your details and sign up.
  3. Now complete simple social tasks to earn entries.
  4. A total of 25 participants will be randomly selected to win 1 NFT each.
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