GM Network

GM Network is an innovation developed by GM Labs, aiming to bridge the gap between the real and the virtual worlds. It is the first cosumer AIoT network. Developed in collaboration with AltLayer & EigenLayer, GM Network represents a leap forward in the integration of AI and Web3 technologies. As the world embraces the fourth industrial revolution, GM Network is poised to be a significant player, generating real-world data through smart devices and electric vehicles, and offering new interaction methods and entry points for AI.

GM Network has confirmed to launch the “GM” token and do an airdrop to users who collect GN points. Join the points campaign and complete simple tasks, such as daily check-ins and social activities, to earn GN points. Also, earn more points from each referral. The GN points will be converted to GM tokens after the token goes live.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the GM Network campaign page.
  2. Connect your Ethereum wallet.
  3. Now enter the invite code “S6Y0OT” and confirm.
  4. Now go to “Missions” and complete tasks to earn GN points.
  5. You can earn GN points for checking in daily, completing social tasks, and purchasing products on Launchpad.
  6. Also earn more GN points for referring your friends.
  7. They have confirmed the launch of their token “GM.” Users who collect GN points will be able to get GM tokens once the token goes live.
  8. For more information regarding the campaign, see this Medium article.

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