GemBites is developing visually stunning and exciting gambling games that will use the GemBites (GBTS) token. Online gaming and gambling is an ever-green industry that is growing every day and it has been going through a paradigm shift as it transitions towards crypto. Along with it, blockchain technology allows for anonymity and trust in the gambling setup.

GemBites is airdropping a total of 500,000 GBTS to users who complete social tasks. Sign up for the airdrop, complete easy social tasks and submit your details to get up to 10 GBTS.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the GemBites airdrop page.
  2. Submit your details and sign up.
  3. Verify your mail and log in.
  4. You will get 500 points.
  5. Also get 500 points for each referral up to a maximum of two referrals.
  6. Complete the remaining tasks to get up to 10,000 points.
  7. Every 1,000 points are worth 1 GBTS.
  8. You will get up to 10 GBTS if you complete all the tasks.
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