Exclusive Airdrop Distribution Schedule

Here is a schedule showing the dates of distribution for all of the Airdrops.io exclusive airdrops.

ProjectAirdrop StartedDistribution DateLink
ImmVRse06/19/20184 weeks after the end of the token saleImmVRse
HelloGold06/09/2018Distribution finished ✓HelloGold
Profede05/15/18After token sale in Q3 2018Profede
EthicHub Twitter04/17/18After token sale in late Q3 2018EthicHub Twitter
EthicHub Telegram04/05/18After token sale in late Q3 2018EthicHub Telegram
dApp Builder04/19/18After token sale which begins on June 26th, 2018dApp Builder
Pecunio04/05/18Pending verificationPecunio
Lamoneda05/24/18Distribution finished ✓Lamoneda
BitRewards04/06/18Distribution finished ✓BitRewards
Apollo Currency04/30/18Distribution finished ✓Apollo
Hyperbridge06/23/18At the end of 2018Hyperbridge
moolyacoin06/22/182 weeks after the end of the moolyacoin token salemoolyacoin
Blackbox Foundation
02/07/1830 days after the end of the Blackbox Foundation token saleBlackbox Foundation

ICOs that host airdrops almost never distribute tokens until their main sale is over. This is to prevent airdrop claimers from dumping their rewards on decentralized exchanges and decimating the token’s price before the real investors have a chance to trade. Also, the total supply of a token us often determined after the token sale, when all unsold tokens are burned.

If you did not receive your airdrop tokens, you should check our FAQ section, “Why didn’t I receive my airdrop?

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