EVAA Protocol

EVAA lending protocol is a decentralized finance platform that leverages TON blockchain technology to enable secure and efficient borrowing and lending of digital assets.

EVAA Protocol has the 7th largest TVL on the TON blockchain, as per DefiLlama data. EVAA Protocol makes it easier to farm NOT. Follow the steps to farm NOT coins safely using EVAA.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the EVAA Finance page.
  2. Deposit USDT to earn interest.
  3. Now use your deposited USDT as collateral to borrow TON.
  4. You can earn NOT coins by using the borrowed TON to participate in the launchpool.
  5. Using the EVAA Protocol helps to cut the risk of the TON price going down.
  6. You can also refer your friends to earn 5% of their mined XP.
  7. For more details about how farm NOT, visit this official announcement.
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